ANDY VAZ feat. Eva Soul



For over 20 years and counting, Soiree Records International has been deploying grooves from Detroit. It's never really garnered the kudos it deserves, however—especially considering its consistently satisfying catalogue of deep house. This release from Andy Vaz in tandem with Eva Soul is a great example of uptempo atmospherics done right. The original version is the only one that preserves the vocal, which canters along the ridge of a simple arrangement. There's a cosmic feel to the track, which keeps the base elements under tight sonic surveillance. Disparate instrumentation adds to the feeling of impetus but never overwhelms. Label head Derrick Thompson remixes as Drivetrain, and his version preserves much of the original, but sacrifices the song and the low-end in pursuit of a more stripped down ideal. Norm Talley's version is the bigger departure, reducing the original to a maraca and nocturnal keys along which a lonely kick plods.