Andy Vaz - 7inches of straight Vacationing Part II


Textura (Canada)

Though Andy Vaz's Straight Vacationing came out in late 2011, it still very much rewards repeat listening. Certainly another way to keep it in the public eye is to have remix tracks originally offered as digital downloads upon the album's release made newly available in a different format, in this case a seven-inch two-tracker that Yore's issued in 200 copies on transparent blue vinyl. Up first, Patrice Scott strips the “Got a little bit o' Detroit in me” vocal away from the “Detroit in Me” original in order to dazzle the listener with endless flurries of melodic and rhythmic cross-currents. Making good on the Detroit connection, Scott amplifies the tune's Motor City vibe with lavish helpings of synthesizers, claps, and hi-hats and amps up its hard-swinging acid-funk groove in the process. Memory Foundation's B-side version of “Stubnitz” locks solidly into a tight mechano-house pulse at the outset, which frees up all kinds of room for tenor sax player Andreas Pasternack to unleash his high-spirited wail. The treatments sound so good, one can't resist pulling out the original double album to sample its deep house sound all over again.