ANDY VAZ - Straight Vacationing LP


HIFLY/Bitchslap Magazine (SWE)

Yore label boss delivers a nicely varied full-length album which truly displays his fondness of american House, Techno and Acid music. Kicking off with the Motorcity testament 'Detroit In Me' which obviously is a testament to all things Detroit. New York City also gets a heads up via the sax-based late night rub 'Stubnitz'. Then there are also the discoid interpretations which comes in the shape of 'Just Another Round', based on the Kasso classic 'One More Round' before serving up the squelched out Acid-disco hybrid 'Worlds Collide' Finally the vinyl edition closer 'The Other Place' excels in rattling percussion and slick keyboard goodness. However, this is not all as digital downloads will be served with free remixes courtesy of Patrice Scott, Rick Wade, Alton Miller, Memory Foundation, Ibex, Kez YM and Orlando B who all live up to their individual reputation as purveyors of flawless goodness. Out October 26 on Yore Records.