’žANDY VAZ - Its OK <br></br>(YORE) <br></br> THE RANSOM NOTE (UK) <br></br> <p align="justify">Loving this new four tracker from unsung hero of German house music, Andy Vaz. The first track  Love You Forever is the sort of Victor Simonelli-esque vocal house King Street might have put 20 years ago but with its crips, modern production values, it still manages to sound  now. I think the vocals are appropriated from somewhere else and it s kind of driving me crazy, so if you know answers on a postcard to the usual address please. I think my favourite tack on the record is  Worst Fantasies with a slower tempo, bubbling acid b-line and almost rap vocal  and as we all know, I love a good rap! The EP closes with the deep and techy  U Did Me Wrong is great too. Out early next month.</p>