Andy Vaz is one of the unsung heroes of house music. Despite a lengthy career of considerable note encompassing numerous essential labels including his own distinguished imprints, he nonetheless goes about his business the right way. No bombast, no hype, no PR overload just a minimum of fuss and a maximum of quality. Forays onto labels such as Delsin, Chiwax and Soiree Records International in recent years have been well received but it is with his own much-respected Yore Records that he seems most at home these days. Last year’s Bicycle Love EP was a demonstrable deep house classic, albeit in no small part to finely-judged remixes from Brad P and Damon Lamar, whilst his earlier and excellent Straight Vacationing album illustrated beyond doubt the depth of his ability and craft. Building in some respects on the work of the aforementioned LP, Vaz now returns to the Cologne-based Yore with another reminder and snapshot of his undoubted talent, the four-track EP, It’s Ok. It’s more than ok, it’s ace and sees Vaz at his most flamboyant, feel-good and fabulous yet.Love You Forever (featuring Niko Marks) glows, sparkles and uplifts with an authentic garage-inspired house sound that pays homage to the genre rather than bastardises it. Marks’ vocals are a delight transcending the track from contender to front-runner. Joyous.Strutting manfully in tow but to a very different vibe is Hurry, Hurry (Malik Let The Horn Play Mix), a broken beat, free-flowing jazz-inspired workout that is something of a breath of fresh air for an EP that will undoubtedly be filed under ‘deep house’. Not only does it work in its own right, but it highlights the confidence currently coursing through Vaz that he is brave enough to take chances rather than play safe. Fair play. Worst Fantasies is no soft option either. Featuring an electro backdrop, it is reminiscent of The Micronauts’ classic The Jag but with a more soulful lilt and features a catchy male-vocal tale of love on the rocks. The EP closer U Did Me Wrong is a more orthodox deep house number with a cute female vocal snatch. It is, however, executed so superbly by Vaz that it will undoubtedly garner as much attention from certain quarters as the preceeding three tracks. Much recommended...