ANDY VAZ - Humanization EP


Electronic Beats

Andy Vaz offers another gem on his still young imprint Yore, that is - so far -truly not to be missed. The A-side offers an over eight-minute journey that breezily moves through episodes of locomotive swing and jazzy Technofunk. The chords seem to grind, the drums pound dirty and dusty and the hihats distinctively sharp - reminiscent of analouge Detroit sound. 'You Got' on the flip is a funky Disco-House tune with 70ies Bassline, horns and a female singer who repeatedly chants the mantra-like title. Last but not least 'One For Charly', also on the flip side, is a slowed down Deep House excursion with a strong Jazz adiction. Berlin's Tilman Ehrhorn lays enticing sax melodies over Rhodes keys and a classic swinging groove with a heavy stomping bassdrum. The track opens with the following quote: 'Style is the answer to everything…'. Well, Andy Vaz has got style indeed and pledges himself to create timeless dance music. So far he succeeded. No doubt!