ANDY VAZ - Sound Variation 6-6


The Wire

Andy Vaz's Sounds_Variation series began life as an interesting set of musical ideas grouped around the worthy strategy of exploring compositional constraints and sonic re-use, basing an given track around a limited set of source sounds, to be manipulated in unexpected ways. It was also weighed down by the slightly heavy-handed concept of a label left nameless in order to avoid unwanted generic connotations. I've never had much patience for the fear of genre bugaboo, especially from artists like Vaz, who are clearly indebted to the 4/4 tradition. Fortunately, the fourth and sixth installments in the series (number five seems to have gone missing) essentially moot the whole argument, presenting five tracks of perfectly rendered minimal Techno that heave and strain against their casings. Garish, overdriven bell tones blush at the prospect of so much ass-shaking, while malevolent rumbles and growls waggle come hither fingers as they lure innocent 4/4 beats behind a beaded curtain strung with shards of Garage. Bottles break, subwoofers groan and everybody goes home happy.