ANDY VAZ - Sound Variation 7-7


E-I Magazine (US)

Vaz's ambition with the [---] label is to provide a venue not defined by a "static, given name" and to explore the "lo-fi aesthetic" of recombinant sound, "the use of the same [variously mangled] sounds" to construct the EP. The attempt to escape genre succeeds only insofar as the entire project remains bound by a regulated, 4/4 beatscape of minimalist techno. The tracks are odd and quirky and embrace a maximalist use of samples in a minimalist repetition (similar to Kim Cascone's datascapes), but are more conventionally listenable through isolated, sequenced elements than earlier releases. This leads us to ask whether the limitations of sound restriction are producing the results theoretically desired if the result is an abstracted minimalist techno, how is this affecting the nameless? Perhaps the potential lies beyond recombinant logic.