ANDY VAZ - Sound Variation 2-2


The Wire

background records andy vaz continue's his cinceptual label [---] with two long tracks based largely on squelches und blips. while the conceptual underspinning's a bit vage - as with each [---] release, it's based on "the use of the same sounds, re-used throughout the entire ep", begging the question of when this isn't the case in computer music? - it's apleasant departure from most click's & cuts 4/4 tracks; while the steady pulse is still in full force, vaz has made use of triplets and accidental, tumbledown patterns, throwing everything just of kilter. soundwise, he fleshes out the click-palette with a cold, drunken robot range of squawks and bleeps, like a sedated update of Dan Bell´s classic Acid as DBX. Philip Sherburne / the wire